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DNP has once again claimed another victim; highlighting just how dangerous this ‘miracle weight loss pill’ can be. It has been widely advertised as one of the most effective fats burning pills out there. Its ability to burn fat without causing muscle loss and calorific changes has made it popular within the bodybuilding circuit. However, whilst it may indeed be effective, it comes at a pretty high cost. So what is the DNP Pill and why is it claiming so many lives?

Understanding DNP

Dinitrophenol, most commonly referred to as DNP, is a synthetic chemical compound. It has been shown to kick start dramatic weight loss when taken in pill formation. However, when you look into what it was originally created for, you soon realize it might not be the best idea to ingest it.

Outside of weight loss, DNP is actually used as a pesticide and explosive, as well as in the manufacturing process of dyes and in wood preservatives. It was in 1933 that the DNP weight loss pill really grew in popularity. However, by 1938 the pill was taken off the market due to the number of people getting ill and actually dying from taking it.

Now the pill has started to regain popularity and has once again started to claim lives!

How DNP works

DNP inhibits the synthase molecule ATP, or F0F1 adenosine triphosphate, within the body. ATP is actually used to transport energy within the body’s cells. Adenosine di-phosphate is converted by the body into ATP before being converted back to adenosine phosphate once it has been used up. When you ingest DNP, it basically inhibits the synthesis and instead releases any excess energy as heat. This process helps the body to burn an extra 50% calories. Therefore it’s not hard to see why it has become popular with dieters.

Why it isn’t a long-term solution

There’s no denying this dangerous pill works. In fact, when taken for just 8 days, you can expect to lose between 12 and 14 pounds. However, it is highly advised that the pill never is taken for more than 8 days at a time. This is because unlike the majority of weight loss pills out there, DNP actually grows more effective over time. Surely this is a good thing you might be thinking? Unfortunately not!

The longer you take the pill, the worse you will feel. The excess heat released from DNP is noticed from the first day you take it. Initially, you will start off feeling a little warmer than usual. However, by the end of the 8th day, you will be feeling considerably uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside, you will find yourself sweating uncontrollably. You will also start to feel extremely tired.

What is basically happening to your body is it is being slowly cooked from the inside out. That is exactly what happened to the drugs most recent victim, Eloise Parry.

Side effects of DNP

So we’ve already mentioned the constant sweats, lethargy and the fact that the drug is slowly cooking you from the inside. Believe it or not, though, those aren’t the only things you need to worry about. Throughout its fat burning process, DNP actually releases free radicals and compounds. These can be potentially harmful to the body and could be linked to cancer. It is worth noting that there is no definite proof that DNP can cause cancer. However, when you look at the compounds and free radicals it releases, you soon realize it could be something you need to worry about.

Muscle soreness, a 1% chance of cataracts, allergic reactions, insomnia, and carbohydrate cravings are also things you need to worry about. With the huge amount of nasty side effects, it’s a wonder anybody takes DNP at all.

Be Warned DNP is sold online and used as an ingredient.


The DNP pill is effective and the results are pretty amazing. However, with the wide array of nasty and seriously harmful side effects, you have to ask yourself whether getting slimmer is actually worth dying for. The chance of death isn’t over exaggerated; it is, unfortunately, a very real threat. DNP has cost many lives over the years.

Do not boil yourself to lose weight and risk death!

The side effects sound bad enough, but they are actually a lot worse to live with. As you are constantly hot and your energy levels drop, you actually won’t feel like going to the gym. So if you are hoping to use it to bulk up and look leaner, it may not happen.

Overall DNP is a diet pill that needs to be taken off the market for good. The most recent death has caused police to look into it, but only time will tell whether anything is actually done about the problem. Instead of risking your life, there are plenty of safe, effective weight loss and muscle building products out there which won’t cause any nasty side effects.

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